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BPM+ Health is a not-for-profit standards-oriented community-of-practice focused on the advancement of shared care pathways and processes within the healthcare market sector.  Activities and work products discoverable from this page are in-process and working documents.  This site is being provided as a public-good offering transparency into the activities underway within our community.

If you are interested in joining or contributing, please visit this page.  Formal work products of the community and more general information can be found on our website.    


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Academic & Professional Education


The mission of the APE is to develop educational content on BPM+ clinical practice guidelines and adoption in order to build a workforce proficient in standards-based representation of data, information, and knowledge in health information technology (HIT) applications for sharing, use and re-use across participating stakeholders.


Nicole Miller






A BPM+ Health Community Ambassador is an individual that acts as a representative and advocate of the BPM+ Health Community. BPM+ Health Ambassadors make a positive impact by representing BPM+ in public events, participating in promotional activities, engaging BPM+ Heath Community prospects and creating a welcoming environment everyone enjoys.

The BPM+ Health Ambassador program is open to any individuals who are BPM+ Members and who are passionate about our goals and wish to share and update their knowledge and skills and develop awareness of BPM+ Health community of practice.

Denis Gagne


Agenda and Meeting Notes


Organizational Adoption and Change Management


OACM's mission:

  • develop best practices around modeling

  • sharing clinical pathways, guidelines and other healthcare knowledge

  • promote the use of standards such as BPMN™, DMN™, and CMMN™ to produce deliverables to maximize their usefulness and shareability and to promote their adoption;


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Project Management

Process Automation & Enablement Working Group






The mission of the TWG is to capture community needs for capabilities and tools, find solutions and communicate these to the greater community.

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This group comprises chairs from all the BPM+ working groups and meets to align work and progress the BPM+ community.

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Launchpoint for community activities and content not specific to any one workgroup


Meetings and Workshops