2022 Sept BPM Workshop Planning


SEPTEMBER BPM+ Health Workshop - Agenda Planning

In the schedule that follows, each activity will be denoted as a BPM "Plenary" [the whole community], or specific workgroups within BPM.  Several activities are deliberately joint activities with HL7 workgroups, specifically to foster collaboration and crossover work. 

NOTE:  This agenda is a working version and is subject to change. 

Tuesday, September 20

Pre-Event Session  



Discussion:  Synergies between HL7, FHIR, and BPM+:  Exploring Process and Workflow Interactions with Data

This "Birds of a Feather" session is an open forum discussion to explore the FHIR and BPM portfolios and how they complement one another.  The session is open to anyone interested and no prior exposure to BPM+ is required.

Session Presentation Deck:  https://app.box.com/s/ruk2ay594ef6iie341yb55vpc1fvgswy

Attendance Sheet:  https://app.box.com/s/k977pjnbffsnifj81pcngpmkadeeuieq

Wednesday, September 21         

BPM Workshop Day 1 Track 1 Track 2


9:00a - 10:30a

BPM+ Health hosting
HL7 Learning Health Systems

Opening Session

Overview of BPM+ Health [10m]

Discussion:   Exploration of Collaboration Opportunities

Candidate HL7 Topics Include:

FHIR Workflow; 
CDS, CDS Hooks, 
Process Orchestration

Candidate BPM Topics Include:   

Process orchestration with BPM, FHIR, and CDS Hooks;

Assessing Organizational Process Maturity and Adoption Readiness;

Implementing Computable Care Pathways

Professional Education Opportunities and Certification

Discussion:  Collaborations and "the Art of the Possible"; use and adoption of the standards;

All interested parties welcome - focus on joint opportunities to explore between the communities.  Session will feature a quick tour of cross-community relevant work with an eye toward collaboration, complementary usage, and how to address market needs.

Session Presentation Deck:  https://app.box.com/s/ruk2ay594ef6iie341yb55vpc1fvgswy

Attendance Sheet: 

(No parallel session scheduled)


11:00a - 12:30p

Workflow needs and challenges within the Clinical Space:  Describing the business need 

Nicholas Oughtibridge, Lead Architect, NHS Transformation, NHS England [Confirmed]

James McClay, MD, MS, FACEP, FAMIA
Chief Research Informatics Officer
MU School of Medicine [Confirmed]
Jonathan R. Nebeker MS MD
Executive Director of Clinical Informatics, Office of Health Informatics and Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO), Veterans Health Administration [Invited]

There is burgeoning need to be able to interchange care pathways and workflows interoperably just as investments are being made to interchange data.  This session will explore those requirements, forming a basis to underpin community work being undertaken and to help explain the landscape and business opportunities.

Slides:  https://app.box.com/s/i9wz8kovszgd4o8i2ybbzv9550jij912

(no parallel session scheduled)


12:45p - 3:00p

Getting Started with BPM+ and Business Process Management [in the room]

Session will focus on best-practices to promote organizational change management, exploring the challenges adversely impacting continuous process improvement and learning health systems.  The BPM Organizational Adoption & Change Management Workgroup will discuss their "Adoption Playbook" and Readiness Assessment Maturity Model.

Session Notes:  https://app.box.com/s/w1kq6m27cmvemopn4bzujdc94lwy22tp


Utilizing BPM+ In Service Orchestration [Hosted by HL7 SOA.  See onsite guide for logistics.]

This interactive discussion is being fostered by the HL7 SOA workgroup, and will highlight the interplay between process orchestration and shared services, and systems.   Exploration of reference architecture and its role will be included, and possibly an update from VA on their Interoperability Blueprints.  

Session Notes:  https://confluence.hl7.org/display/SOA/September+2022+SOA+WGM+Minutes

Attendance Sheet:  https://app.box.com/s/cv1lcwtlhaxrzbis0l1x2drdaatjnd75

Modeling Clinical Workflow and Process [Interactive Tutorial - Free] - Part I

Whether you are completely new to process modeling or simply looking to attain a deeper understanding, this free tutorial provides a means to better understand and get hands-on experience using commercial process modeling tools to perform workflow modeling. 

The session will familiarize attendees with the core notations BPMN, CMMN, and DMN, help attendees to understand and read BPM+ compliant care pathways, to learn the basics to develop their own models during a hand-on modeling workshop.  No prior modeling experience is required.  Laptop required to access web-based modeling tool suite. 


3:30p - 5:00p

Open Discussion:   Joint Sandbox/ Implementation Environments between BPM and HL7

Fostering the availability of effective development and test environments in support of open standards and developer community needs furthers adoption.   This open discussion will gather community requirements and demonstrate available capabilities en route to fostering improvements in available test-bed and sandbox environments. 

HL7 Implementation Division Representatives Confirmed.  BPM Process Automation and Tooling Workgroups Confirmed

Worksession Notes:  https://app.box.com/s/2wmk4tldww9n8jgfptrj9v0uc9m9xaxq

Attendance Sheet:  https://app.box.com/s/8uj14pb417xj9qdjgrmicu8kcvsj8lii

Modeling Clinical Workflow and Process [Interactive Tutorial - Free] - Part II

Continuation of tutorial above.  


Event Reception

All workshop attendees are welcome.




Thursday, September 22


  Track 1 Track 2


9:00a - 10:30a

Technical Deep-Dive:     Utilization of FHIR-represented data for use in process orchestration ["Lifting Layer"]

There are considerations that need to be accounted for when leveraging FHIR and other underlying data sources/representations that inform workflow activities and orchestration.  Discussion will focus on the "enrichment" of that underpinning data to provide for consistency in representation and format to facilitate effective process orchestration -- the situational semantics of FHIR and BPM. 

 (Parallel session TBA)


11:00a - 12:30p

Process Workflow Implementation Showcase

This session will highlight both production and demonstration systems that are exemplar implementations of process orchestration and automation leveraging both process models and FHIR.  Sessions will include:

11:00-11:10hrs - Moderator Intro: Denis Gagne

11:10-11:30hrs - Sepsis Detection and Escalation with AI [prototype]

  • Shane McNamee, Chief Medical Information Officer, Smile CDR
  • Ben Cushing, Chief Architect, Federal Health & Life Sciences, Red Hat
  • Ken Allgood, Co-founder and CEO, HealthFlow.io

11:30-11:50hrs -Mayo Expert Advisor

  • Davide Sottara, Principal Knowledge Engineer, Mayo Clinic

11:50-12:10hrs -Initial Anemia Assessment

  • John Svirbely, Chief Medical Information Officer, Trisotech
  • Denis Gagne, CEO & CTO, Trisotech

12:10-12:30hrs - Open discussions and conclusions

(No parallel session planned)


1:45p - 3:00p

(Session cancelled due to limited participation.  Group elected to join LHS)


Worksession:  Modeling Opoid/Pain Management Workflows [in Collaboration with Pain / Opioid LHS Learning Community (POLLC)] 

Stemming from prior AHRQ-funded work, this initiate around pain and opoid management is bringing together multiple knowledge representation communities and formalisms to illustrate how industry standards fit together.  This session will be an active worksession, updating on the work that has been done and exploring the intersects across the community. 

BPM+ Health Update to HL7 Learning Health System WG [LHS Hosting - See Onsite guide for logistics]

BPM+ Organizational Adoption/Change Management Workgroup will be joining LHS and provide a 10-minute activity update. 


3:30p - 5:00p

Modeling Worksession/Patterns for Representation of Clinical Processes

Interactive worksession focused on applied use of modeling patterns and providing guidance on usage of patterns to address specific problem domains.  BPM Authoring Workgroup is developing process guidance and a patterns catalog. 

SESSION CANCELLED.   Substantial work on 'Getting Started' guide done in earlier session.


(Formerly:  Worksession:  "Getting Started with Process Modeling"   )

A Series of white-papers (similar to the "...for Dummies" books) is under development, targeting organizations that are beginning their process modeling activities.  These guides are intended to be easy to read and implement, focused on approachability and understandability.  This worksession will be to community "peer review" the first Getting Started guide.   


Friday, September 23rd


Track 1 Track 2



Worksession:  BPM+ Health Community Roadmap

BPM+ Health is developing a multi-year roadmap of activities and priorities.  This session will provide a forum for providing input to that process and engaging in the Roadmap activity. It will consider the business needs and drivers that have been discussed throughout the meeting and begin to distill them into a phased action plan.  Intention is for BPM+ Health to work in a complementary fashion with HL7 and other SDOs. 



(Formerly  Clinicians on FHIR Connectathon)
[ClinFHIR Hosting, See on-site guide for logistics]]


11:00a - 12:45p

Working Group Outbrief

Summary Remarks


Call To Action

Joint BPM+ / HL7 Opportunity Summary

Outbrief Notes:  https://app.box.com/s/hn2t6o0yj6h08s2t1aais548hqsgkq0s

Attendance Sheet:  https://app.box.com/s/fsqol21vhc6nbj2o1b6mfwxl23s62uki



(Formerly Clinicians on FHIR Connectathon)
[ClinFHIR Hosting, See on-site guide for logistics]



1:45p - 3:00p

Closing Session

Hosted by HL7's Clinicans-on-FHIR Workgroup

Diabetes Management Use Case

Blood Sugar Monitoring and Intervention / Escalation


Attendance Sheet:  https://app.box.com/s/snxxqfkwox6guwrblpbx376mfnu9p4fz



Continuation of Clinicans-on-FHIR Connectathon (optional)





>  Deep dive on pre-operative journey [Set of BPM Process models];  Technical exemplar/discussions
>  Goal:  Demonstrate the value of BPM+ as an ideal tool to provide context in HL7 IGs